When is the hall available?

Due to various sports groups using the hall during the week and on Sundays, we are only able to offer bookings for Saturday's. 

What is the size of the hall? 

Length: 14.8 Meters

Width: 10.8 Meters

Height to beams: 3.75 Meters

Floor Space 161M2

What is the maximum capacity? 

We have a standing capacity of 280 people. The seating capacity depends on the arrangement and what tables and chairs are used. If using the tables and chairs provided by us, we recommend around 112 to 140 seated. 

What size are the tables we provide? 

Our tables are round and are 5'6ft across.

Are you able to host 18th or 21st birthday parties?

We are one of the few venues in Croydon that will allow bookings for 18th to 21st's. However, for us to be able to continue offering this we must have door security present on the night. The cost of this varies depending on number of guests. Please inquire for more information.

What time does the bar close?

We offer various packages to suit the times you need, however, the latest we can keep our bar open to is midnight. Any entertainment, such as DJ's, must also cease at this time. 

Can we bring our own drink?

We have a fully licensed bar at the club, as such we do not allow any drinks to be brought onto club premises. All drinks must be purchased from the bar. Any drinks found will be confiscated and may result in the function ending prematurely.